i heart ava duvernay. a lot. i have since i first caught word of i will follow. i was so hype that tracie thoms was doing another flick and it having this awesome black female writer/director was the cherry. the love grew over the years and the additional projects, then i watched this talk she gave at some point within the last year and the admiration is now at peak levels.

tonight just has not been my night. it’s the beginning of summer break with school, and even though i’ve given myself a very detailed list of things i need to be doing each day toward the completion of my project (not to mention the million other things i have to do not related to school), my will power just is not having it right now. so i stopped fighting it a couple of hours ago and gave in to the easy joys of the internet. while tending to the neverending slew of bookmarked posts in my feedly saved for later list, i finally watched the academy of motion picture arts and sciences’ short feature on ava. and it was of course exactly what i needed, namely starting from the 3:28 mark. here’s to tomorrow not being so rough.


i’m deep into the special life experience that is earning a master’s degree and the time has come for crowd participation. we’re finally at the part of the year where we’re working exclusively on our final major project, which is a relief and endless uncertainty at the same time. i’m conducting a survey on my topic/question, so please head over to the link and fill it out. only takes 10-15 minutes.



my project centers around african american vernacular english (aave) / black english / whatever you may call it and how it comes across when spoken. hopefully i’ll have time to go in-depth about my research and findings in the future (it’s been fascinating to say the least), but that time is not right now as i’m working on a deadline for tomorrow before i pass out from exhaustion. for now, you can follow along at my research blog: nuritypes.tumblr.com.

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