the things i’ve discovered this week that are worth sharing.

Blank on Blank
Lost audio interviews with cultural icons transformed into new, animated film shorts. Super interesting.

Sugilite Fusion x Monster
This week I was introduced to the greatness that is Steven Universe. I haven’t fallen in love with a cartoon this quickly since middle school. My initial intrigue came from this very short video, then I looked up the synopsis and found out that not only was Nicki Minaj voicing a character, but also Estelle. And that most of the voice actors were people of color. And now, I’m marathoning and ending each episode in a really good mood. Great storytelling, hilarious characters, quality world building, awesome music, expert illustration, overall maximum adorability.

stare. stare some more. scroll. repeat.

designers choose album covers to revamp using only flickr for images and futura for typeface.

Hausfrau by MaricorMaricar
last week i highlighted the design process of a book cover with an end result that wasn’t really feeling. well, some of my design idols just happen to have done an alternate cover that i definitely, obviously find droolworthy.

Black Messiah: A Musician’s Review
i’m just now getting around to having the time to properly listen to d’angelo’s long-long-long-awaited album. after my first listen, i listened again while reading this in-depth review by a very talented musician in his own right and it made me love it even more. i can’t decipher all his music references, but no matter, my nerdy audiophile heart got the gist and was able to geek out properly.

One 75-Hour Illustration in Under Two Minutes
creative process stuff gets me every time. this guy’s patience is…yeah. i love that he combines screenprinting with drawing and the simplicity and orderliness of the timelapse.


the things i discovered last week that are worth sharing.

Call Your Girlfriend
i’m all about unique podcasts and different takes on current events. katie knew exactly what she was doing when she rec’d this to me.

my eyes glazed over on my first visit to this site. then they turned into hearts. such a cool concept.

The Lives and Deaths of a Book Cover | YouTube
in which i’m a much bigger fan of the process than the end product. i can’t wait to do a project like this.

Pinterest Feed Changes
i thought i was losing it during my past few months of pinning. the fixes recommended in this article are almost as much trouble as the changes themselves, but at least i’m not alone in noticing something was up. whyyyy must these popular sites shoot themselves in the foot over monetization?

Toni Morrison Breaks Down Race as a Social Construct to Stephen Colbert | Shadow and Act
this is months old, but i’m just getting around to watching it; my feedly ‘saved for later’ list is a deep, dark rabbit hole. oh, toni morrison. bless her. my love for toni is also deep and dark (in a passionate way); she is a treasure. this interview is short but so satisfying. she drops some truth bombs and a tidbit of trivia about ‘the bluest eye’ that makes me want to reread it right now. also, i’m really going to miss this iteration of stephen.

Character Profiles from HBO’s Dee Rees-Directed Bessie Smith Biopic | Shadow and Act
i’ve been waiting for this flick for years. so hype.

i sped through austin kleon‘s ‘steal like an artist’ this week after finally buying it. i’ve known and lived by the original manifesto since before it was a book, but it was extremely fulfilling to down all the potatoes that go along with the meat. alongside almost every piece of his own commentary, austin drops truth bombs in the form of quotes, something i clearly am all about. this quote (p. 93) is one of my favorite new takeaways –

“Distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.” – Jonah Lehrer

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