back in the fall i held a fundraiser to get back to london and i promised all donors that i would send them postcards that i would design and print when i successfully got to school, using the school’s great facilities. it took about 3 months of work in between actual school work , but they are finally all sent off and should be reaching destinations soon.

typ-11 typ-14

i wanted to do something simple, but effective. and i wanted to design them from start to finish. i worked with the letterpress and screen printing studios at lcc and the amazing letterpress technicians, alex and christian, walked me through getting started and gave me so many tips. sizing of the finished postcards and placement of all elements had to be decided before anything was done, along with typefaces, colors and techniques. i was going to use letterpress only, but because i wanted to use the same bespoke typeface that i used in promoting the fundraiser, i decided i’d do that part last using screen printing. but first up was the rest of the text on the front of the card, along with my message on the back, the divider and the lines for writing in addresses. wood block and metal type was chosen and set, test runs were done (many, many test runs to combat many, many tiny mistakes), tweaks were made, registrations were set and finally i began printing. i used a neon-ish pink for the message on the back and black for everything else. then after some more misshaps and a couple of days of work, i screen printed the ‘thank’ on the front using a swirl of several warm colors. and at the last minute added the shoutout to lcc along the divider. had the paper cut to down final size, addressed and stamped them and off they went.

typ-12 typ-13

i’m very happy with the outcome and learned a ton. but i find all the drafts and mistakes so much more interesting. making these was a labor of love and these are the battle scars. i also love that each card i sent is a little bit different. analog printing for the win.

typ-01 typ-02 typ-03 typ-04 typ-05

biggest lesson learned: i was so caught up in designing that i didn’t put much thought into paper choice. i should’ve used a thicker stock. after everything was printed and all were cut down and shiny and done, i held a single postcard in my hand and seriously questioned whether or not it would make it through the mail (all but one going overseas back to the states). went into slight panic, but then charged it to the game because there was absolutely nothing i could do about it by then. i haven’t heard from anyone yet (put them in the post about a week ago), but i’m so hoping they make it in tact. of course postcards are supposed to have a few smudges and bends, that’s the point of sending one, but i just need for them to not be in shambles.


i’m so glad i got to thank my donors in this way. just a small token of gratitude, but i’ll be continually thanking them in my heart forever.


i had grand plans to make it to so many cities to see friends and family while i was home, but it didn’t work out that way. i did make it to miami though, twice. these shots are from the first trip in august. i need to live within walking distance of a beach asap.