the things i’ve discovered this week that are worth sharing.

The A-Z of Hip Hop | i-D
accurate and thorough.

Because of Them, We Can + Nickelodeon: Maya Angelou | YT
i love the ‘because of them, we can’ initiative. everything about it. previously, it’s been beautifully shot photos. this black history month, they extended to video and partnered with a bigwig. impossibly adorable, costumed brown children reciting famous quotes in their impossibly adorable brown children voices. i’m all about it. in addition to maya, there’s also a malcolm x and muhammed ali spot. i hope they’re able to extend this further next year.

Photoshop Before Photoshop | Mashable
pure photography eye candy from the turn of some previous centuries. makes me appreciate the past while also being extremely grateful for current technology.

How Will I Pay the Bills? | Austin Kleon
so relevant to my life.

Breath | Vimeo
an awesome short film.

Meet Morgan Rhodes, the Woman Behind the Spectacular Sounds of Selma | Essence Mag
“I had my list of cues and then she sent me clips for all of those cues and I would run maybe between 15 and 30 songs under each clip. I’d keep trying and trying to see what works and I’d submit my choices to her. We went from a couple thousands to a couple hundred to 14.” my dream job (one of many). she has it.

“50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by Miley Cyrus @ SNL40 | YT
i’m not really a miley fan, but i’m a huge fan of this cover. huger than huge.

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the things i’ve discovered this week that are worth sharing.

What Can a Pregnant Photojournalist Cover? Everything | NY Times
a great piece about what it takes to fill many titles all at the same time.

Cultivating Thought | Chipotle
i don’t go to chipotle very much and when i do, i always forget to pay attention to this series. thankfully, they’ve gathered all the authors who have participated so far onto one page and you can read all their 300 word stories there. so many favorites are part of this (toni! augusten! jeffrey! amy! paolo! julia! malcolm! aziz!). it’s interesting to see what storytelling they do with the limited time and space. also i love the site design and the inclusion of accompanying illustrations from a variety of artists for each story on the packaging.

Janelle Monae Becomes a Mini-Mogul With Her Revamped Label | Billboard
wondaland is growing. praise be. an ep already on the books, more deep cotton and roman, plus jidenna has joined the winning team’s roster and there’s a new act to increase the girl power. i’m so excited about this. and about those marc baptiste photos.

Oakland Artist Fantastic Negrito Wins Tiny Desk Concert Contest | NPR
how did i not know that tiny desk was having a concert contest? best idea ever next to the tiny desk series itself. i can’t wait to hear more from this awesomely named guy; he’s giving me all kinds of carolina chocolate drops + deep cotton feels.