the things i discovered last week that are worth sharing.

Cuomo Orders Emergency Measures to Protect Workers at Nail Salons
awesome journalism in action. good job for the swift action, authorities. good job in general, nyt. will the measures make a significant difference? only time will tell. but at least it’s been put on full and blatant blast.

Stephanie Mills Will Play Aunt Em in NBC’s The Wiz + Fatima Robinson Will Choreograph
og dorothy/performer royalty being cast in this fitting role is giving me all kinds of full circle feels. and fatima is another perfect choice. i’m kind of sad that dorothy will be a newbie (even though i’m fully in support of giving new talent big exposure), but so far casting has me optimistic.

(fyi: i spent last week putting the finishing touches on my main site refresh 🏁 and it clearly shows in this sad little couplet of links.)


the things i discovered last week that are worth sharing.

Dee Rees and Shonda Rhimes Developing Historical Drama ‘Warmth of Other Suns’ For FX
yaaaaaaaaas. (also, why wasn’t dee on that essence cover?)

Hand Drawn Logos

The Price of Nice Nails
heavy sigh. #staywoke

The Ballad of Bobbi Kristina
well, this quite literally hurts to read. especially on mother’s day. and yet, i’m so glad that danyel smith is the author. i’ve admired her since middle school when reading my new issue of vibe each month was a strong contender for my favorite passtime. she makes magic with words; this piece is no different.

7 Podcasts Made By Amazing Women of Color
i’ve heard of 6 of these, listened to at least a full episode of 2 and segments of 1 other. sharing in case anyone has time in their days to have a better track record than mine. #foreverplayingcatchup

2 Blind Girls See for the First Time
and i leave you with a tear jerker short film. because it’s eye-opening (pun not intended; it really is) and because it’s shot so beautifully.

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