weeklywordswithnuri february

6 months ago i started sketching and sharing weekly quotes on instagram. i’ve grown to really enjoy the practice every week and it hasn’t been a struggle to keep up. and with the amount of favorite quotes i have saved, i can keep at it for awhile. the rules are simple:

  1. the sketch must be slightly messy
  2. try as many lettering styles as possible
  3. have fun

and i guess an unwritten 4th rule would be using nontraditional paper and pencil for the sketches.

for february, i chose quotes that fit within the theme that the month is known for by picking some notable figures and some of their words that most may not associate with them.


the things i’ve discovered this week that are worth sharing.

The Complete Poetry by Maya Angelou
out at the end of the month. a must own.

How Common and John Legend’s Performance of “Glory” Fired Up Oscar Night’s Idling Empathy Machine | Salon
couldn’t have said it better myself.

Emily’s Oz
after the performance of “glory,” this was the 2nd best thing that happened during the oscars. can someone make her version full length, stat?

Gordon Parks – Segregation Story
what else is there left to say that hasn’t already been said about gordon parks’ immense talent? i admire him so much. i was able to take in this exhibition in person at the first museum i ever visited as a kid. his photos hold so much – color, narrative, history, layers. it was an honor to be able to stare at them close up.