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it’s somewhat somber that this is the first subject to appear on my new blog, but there’s nothing else i’d rather feature first.

2 days ago, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

i know several people with family there, as well as a good friend who works there. needless to say, my heart and thoughts are with everyone there trying to survive.

right now i’m watching the abc news special with the latest reports on the ground. they say that there is a 72-hour window directly following such a disaster when it is critical to rescue those trapped. there are 24 hours left.

i hope there are many trapped who are fighting and winning the unimaginable battle to live.

although it’s the poorest, i’m hoping that good comes out of this tragedy and Haiti sees major, positive change.

a blank slate can create something even better than before.

wyclef jean’s organization, yele haiti, has been a leading entity in the fundraising effort. although i’ve never been, this song off of his amazing first solo album, the carnival, always makes me think of the country.

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