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it’s 2 days later, and the iPad buzz continues. i happily bought into it myself, following gizmodo’s liveblog wednesday and doing enough drooling to leave me dehydrated. i want one for purely tech geek driven reasons. although i was intrigued and happy to hear about it’s possible widespread use with doctors and in classrooms.

before the announcement event there were rumors everywhere on the net, and now as the post-announcement dust settles, everyone is posting about what they love and loathe about it. everywhere.

i’ve been following it all, and i agree with most points. but i also told myself months ago that i wouldn’t be buying the rumored iSlate/iTablet/iAnythingElseButPadWhyDidTheyPickThat when it was released. i’ll be waiting until the 2nd generation.

anyone who’s taken a moment to think about apple over the years realizes that they have a trend. a very strong trend that mirrors itself in every new, shiny product they produce. 1st gen is always bare bones, and the following gens build up from it.

there’s a reason why what they revealed yesterday doesn’t have a camera, sd slot, flash, or multitasking functionality. i don’t think any of those “missing” features are oversights caused by lack of ingenuity employed at the apple campus in cupertino, ca.

they have to dole it out in rations, folks. it’s the apple way. and i respect their hustle.

and to put it even more plainly, this trend isn’t unique to apple. it’s the trend of technology. if everyone would stop channeling there inner veruca salt for a second and breathe, they’d remember that waiting for bigger and better is part of the game. 3 days ago this product didn’t even officially exist. and despite all the criticism, it is revolutionary.

so i’ll be crossing off the months until rumors begin about the 2nd gen release date instead of griping about what isn’t even in stores yet. peace of mind salvaged.

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