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unfortunately, i’m one of the 3 million in new york who might not have abc after saturday. but, i’m still determined to see the oscars somehow on sunday, awards season fangirl that i am.

since i’m positive gabby sidibe will get shut out for best actress (judging from the rest of awards season) and i’m not worrying myself with predictions for any other categories, my one and only hope is that they handle the best actor and actress awards presentations the way they did last year. my fingers are crossed over this. i thought it was such a creative way to update the show and spotlight these categories, and the outcome last year was so poignant. watching the past winners’ heartful comments and the nominees react to them turned me into a total sap! but in the best way possible. anne hathaway clutching her heart during last year’s presentation for best actress was just simply real. along with all the other moments. i’ll be so excited if they decided to go with it again and can’t wait to see who they chose to present.

have a great weekend! and keep your fingers crossed for me that cablevision and abc kiss and make up in time.

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