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do52: week 3.

of 52. marker / colored pencil.
words – from president obama’s remarks at the memorial service for victims of the jan. 8th arizona shooting.
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it takes awhile.

i love everything about this youtube clip. it’s confirmation that the trials, mediocrity and frustration of getting to a desired level of skill are normal. i actually sighed with relief about halfway through. this should be common sense, but creatives are so self-critical that we forget to apply this rule to ourselves. thanks for the reminder, ira.

(hat-tip: making it lovely.)

do52: week 2.

of 52. collage / marker.
words – from india.arie’s “wonderful.”
artist’s note – i’m…a bit rusty. but, i have to start somewhere! also, i can’t wait until i have the money to buy a proper scanner.
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