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the blog.

this space is my ongoing brain dump. i write more eloquently and professionally about what i do here and there, but the all-over-the-place entries around these parts are written primarily for my own enjoyment with the sincere secondary hope that others find enjoyment in them. at their leisure. seo is an afterthought, sentence caps for what, etc.

the me.

nuri, black woman, 30-something, unapologetic introvert, audiophile, creative creative, namaskar. i’m an atlanta-based graphic designer, visual artist and new business owner with an employee roster of one (fancy way of saying freelancer). i’m back in atlanta after returning from living in london, uk where i studied typography and graphic design at london college of communication and central saint martins, resulting in a master’s degree. my undergrad years were spent focused on journalism and creative writing, so in a way this space also represents my remaining tether to those worlds. i’m a girl made up of medleys and they’re constantly evolving. blogging since 2010.


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