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nine lives follow-up: success.



after an adamant promotion campaign during the last week before the deadline, 50+ shirts were sold. thank you so much to everyone who purchased.

once you move past the surface of success, it doesn’t feel right to celebrate this. i wish i hadn’t felt the need to get out my frustation and sadness by creating something to offset the tragedy, i wish this campaign wasn’t a thing. but, here we are, and here it is.

the campaign ended the day i graduated and i’m still overseas in london, but the shirts have started shipping and arriving. and i’m told they look great! which is a relief. can’t wait to see and rock mine.

there’s been further interest in the shirt since the campaign ended, so stay tuned.

gold stars no. 22

the things i discovered last week that are worth sharing.

AFROPUNK Announces Inaugural Atlanta Festival Line-up
prayers answered.Β my hypeness can’t be contained.

When you troll the entire crowd.
so great.

Dear white people in the fashion world,
word.Β this is in line with the rage i feel for the laziness in using proper lighting on magazine photoshoots featuring people of color. let us be great.

Every Single Word
this is genius. and heartbreaking.

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