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side-eye, instagram. side-eye.

i just recently become aware of the fact that instagram has jokes only saves your 300 most recent likes. this doesn’t make me happy for many reasons. i hit ‘like’ on a little bit of everything – things i want to check out later, images that are great inspiration and moodboard-wise for future design projects, fam and friend milestones, cute babies and puppies.Β i’ve been double-tapping to my heart’s content for years only to discover that i now don’t have access to most of them. i get that your servers can’t handle the load, ig, but there’s got to be a better way. ugh. to somewhat combat this injustice, i’ve set up a pinterest board to automatically add new likes as i tap (thank you ifttt). so i can sleep at night knowing they won’t disappear and i can access them later. rest in peace to all the unjustly discarded pixels i was trying to digitally hoard.

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