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after the huge tragedy struck the charleston community last week, i decided to honor the charleston 9 by “speaking their names” visually via #weeklywordswithnuri, rather than doing my usual quote. i’ve only visited charleston once, about 3 years ago, but i’ve always loved and been fascinated by the city and its history. my mom’s side of the family is from spartanburg, sc and i spent several years and many summers there. south carolina is as complex and complicated as any other state, but it has extended meaning to me amid all its complexities.

i grew up in and am a current member of a non-denominational christian church in atlanta, but an ame church in spartanburg is the first church i ever attended while very young. i can’t imagine something like this happening at my home church. it’s truly unspeakable. and it’s been heavy on my heart and mind since it happened. no one should have to go through the mourning, heartbreak, frustration and anger that was initiated by june 17’s violent act.

after doing my usual cross-posting, a friend on facebook asked if I could put the design on a shirt. good idea.

all proceeds will be donated to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund. at least 50 shirts must be sold in order for the funds to go through and the shirts to be printed. price is $15, $20 with shipping.

right now i have the fundraiser set to end in two weeks, july 10. and i’m trying to find out if additional shirt styles can be added.

this is my small part in the effort to stay positive and do something proactive in the aftermath. i’m doing this fundraiser as a southerner, as a black person, as an american, as a human.

please spread the word and share this across all your networks. thanks.

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