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brain food from op: part 2.

tuesday on the show, as part of the now daily farewells to oprah, donald trump and mary j. blige were featured, talking about their numerous visits and love for her.

donald trump. the donald.

his entire segment sickened me.

how coincidental is it that his honorific was attached to the episode that aired the day before he brought his hate speech to a boiling point and set our country back decades?

i’m not as upset with the president as others that he decided to “give in” and publish his certificate. he did what he had to do. my thoughts are more with oprah and her team as this whole ordeal unfolds. have their stomachs bottomed out over the timing? I’m truly addicted to season 25: oprah behind the scenes on own, and although oprah is knowingly tight-lipped about her relationships and makes it a rule to not mix business with personal life, I can’t help but hope that they’ll cover the reactions to this in one of the last eps of the show.

i grew up in a time when racial profiling was being cranked to full volume, and became part of a mass shift in energy that got president barack hussein obama elected. all of the little ones in my life will grow up in a time when a cross section of the population will do everything they can think of to erase that. malia and sasha will mature while watching all of their norm be questioned, unless something even more drastic shifts. current headlines have mauled a huge chunk of my hope in that. this week has brought me a little bit closer to connecting with my mother’s and grandmothers’ generational struggle. it feels humbling and infuriating at the same time. no matter what time-wasting stall tactics are employed, a black man is president right now. i’m going to choose to relish in and cherish that fact and mute everything else.

the purple one deserves a post.

last week prince rogers nelson appeared on lopez tonight.

and personally requested that rosario dawson be the night’s guest.

the only guest.

i’m sorry, what? 3 performances by his majesty with the new power generation and an adorable interview with one of my absolute favorite women in the spotlight all rolled into an hour of television?

if someone had told me that i’d succumbed to a 6-month-long sleep and it was now my birthday last wednesday night, there’s a pretty good chance i would’ve believed them.

gratuitous video to mark the momentous occasion:

P2114142157 by yardie4lifever2

all 3 performances in one! (1) laydown, (2) the beautiful ones (my jam!) featuring the american ballet theatre’s first black female soloist, misty copeland, and (3) you’re the one for me for the finale (with SHEILA FREAKIN E. and bonus drumline!prince). whew.

when people/things i love collaborate, i really don’t know what to do with myself.

brain food from op: part 1.

i’m a bonafied oprah stan. the love was inherited from my mom; i have strong memories of watching with her as a wee kidlet. but at some point during college, i began watching every day and i still am 6 or so years later. permanent residence on my dvr. the fact that her show is ending its run is starting to really hit me. i’ve been preparing ever since last spring just like any other mega fan, but these farewell honorifics from her celeb friends that they’ve started ending each episode with are damn near sending me into hysterics. THERE ARE ONLY 25 EPISODES LEFT! i can’t believe it.

whether you care for her (or the subject matters she’s choses to highlight) or not, no one can deny that the oprah show monopoly on daytime television is a cornerstone and there’s going to be a deficit after may 25. even if someone does miraculously come along to fill in the gap, this woman and her amazingly talented crew have been bringing every current event — notable and ignored — into our homes for 25 years. all the exclusive interviews, all the on-location first accounts, all the laughs. i wouldn’t be as aware as i am without her brand of reporting and sharing.

anyway (/feelings), there have been many episodes that i’ve wanted to briefly blog about since i started this space, but haven’t for one reason or another. (most recently, the iyanla vanzant fiasco reconciliation. talk about humility personified.) i’m going to start now, for whichever of the remaining 25 hours that strike me. better late than never and all that.

yesterday’s episode synopsis What’s wrong with our world, and what can we do about it? Meet the Hollywood director who walked away from millions—and is now on a mission to answer that question.

what stuck with me –

  • 3 truths according to tom shadyac: (1) the entire human race is connected. (2) we’re all hardwired to cooperate. (3) if you don’t do what your heart wants you to do, it can destroy you.
  • who are you? not what has your culture told you you are, but who are you really?
  • authenticity is being the author of your own life.
  • “rethink all that you have been taught in church, in school and in any book.” ~ walt whitman
  • many are telling stories that have been given to us rather than our own story.


serious, heavy stuff, that is. but so worth pondering. and so timely for a muddled 25+-something like me.

if one of my dreams comes true and own begins to show classic/notable episodes after the show ends its run, i’ll be able to continue posting my notes. i really hope they do. there are so many episodes i haven’t seen and would love to see again.

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