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gold stars no. 22

the things i discovered last week that are worth sharing.

AFROPUNK Announces Inaugural Atlanta Festival Line-up
prayers answeredmy hypeness can’t be contained.

When you troll the entire crowd.
so great.

Dear white people in the fashion world,
word. this is in line with the rage i feel for the laziness in using proper lighting on magazine photoshoots featuring people of color. let us be great.

Every Single Word
this is genius. and heartbreaking.


afropunk fest atl


i mean, is there even anything to say? that line-up speaks for itself.

ask, receive. ticket = bought. can’t wait.

also, i want this as a poster. simple concert typography forever.


my love affair with this american life continues. i listened to this segment today and it’s so true. warms my heart. while i don’t consider myself to be eternally cheerful, i was very close to it back in the day anytime i was with my troop. and the principles i learned from that part of my life still hold up when times get hard as an adult. of course things have never been hard for me on the concentration camp level, but the fact remains. what an interesting story.

eta: scouting is all over the place today being great –

A bunch of Girl Scouts are camping out on the White House lawn tonight

Girl Scouts net $185,000 in 24 hours after declining anti-transgender donation

gold stars no. 20

the things i discovered last week that are worth sharing.

change is always possible.

The Freedmen’s Bureau Project
this is amazing. i can’t wait to try it out when it’s complete. not sure how much i’ll find for my own family, but that doesn’t matter. it’s a resource that fills my heart. you can even help build the database.

This was the best week of Obama’s presidency
what a week.

Nine Names, One Spirit
my fundraiser. more details here.

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